2.8-inch color display + Exclusive full-screen touch + QWER keyboard with vibration feedback

Product Features

Keybox uses a dedicated encryption chip. Unbreakable even lost. Only do signature when user confirm. The private key never leaks.

1.The private key never touches the net

Even if your PC or phone is hacked,

your assets are still safe.

2.Adopt industry factual standards

BIP32 and BIP39

are compatible with existing hardware and software wallets that support the same standard.

3.Lock your wallet, safe and worry-free

Lock your wallet when you don't need to use a keybox.

Wallet is automatically locked when it is not used for 5 minutes.

4.Safer paper wallet mode

If you don't use the keybox for a long time, you can clear the data.

Use mnemonic worlds to recover

5.Multi-currency support

Currently supports BTC, ETH, BTS

low-level open source SDK. without upgarde the firmware, the community can directly support the new currency

6.BTS friendly

Encryption/decryption memo of transaction

without leaking the private key.

Technical Details

Mnemonic and path specification
The wallet supports the following industry factual standards:


A mnemonic dictionary for various languages, a mnemonic generation algorithm, and how to generate seed information through mnemonics.


Bitcoin wallet path specification (legacy address), compatible with many other currencies (POW series).


Bitcoin wallet path specification (segwit address), compatible with many other currencies (POW series).


Path specification for graphene series blockchains (eg BitShares, Steemit, YOYOW, EOS)

Simple open
The hardware wallet itself acts as a signature agent, and the underlying signature parts of different blockchains are uniformly processed; no advanced semantics are included.
The hardware wallet just sign the hex generated by collabarative software wallet.
Therefore, as long as they are the same signature algorithm, different blockchain community developers can integrate the Keybox themselves through an open interface.


Please download the corresponding version software according to your usage habits.

Please refer to the instructions for use.


Keybox price is ¥999, Support payment method asset CNY or KEYBOX.1 on BitShares blockchain

( KEYBOX.1 can be purchased in the KEYBOX.1 / CNY market on BitShares blockchain. )

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